Biological diversity evolution

Researchers in this area analyze the fossil record as a tool to establish the temporal and evolutionary relations of organisms and to understand the causal links between environmental, climatic, geographic changes and biotic events. This area includes the following disciplines:

  • Paleobiology
  • Biostratigraphy
  • Systematics
  • Phylogeny


Researchers involved in this line: 

Albanesi, Guillermo Luis Feltes, Nicolás Alexis Sterren, Andrea Fabiana
Balseiro, Diego Lavié, Fernando Julián Taborda, Jeremías
Benedetto, Juan Luis Muñoz, Diego Fernando Tambussi, Claudia Patricia
Bignon, Arnaud Marcel Rustán, Juan José Toro, Blanca Azucena
Carrera, Marcelo Gabriel Salas, María José Vaccari, Norberto Emilio
Degrange, Federico Javier Serra, Fernanda Voldman, Gustavo Gabriel
Della Costa, Gisella Mabel Sferco, Emilia Waisfeld, Beatriz Graciela


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