Technological services

Training courses

  • Field course. Sedimentology of microbialitic carbonates and mixed sedimentary systems.
  • Training for the analysis of volcanic facies in hydrocarbon reservoirs.

Technical advising

  • Basin analysis from outcrop and subsurface studies.
  • Mapping, recognition and description of basement rocks and geological structures.
  • Mapping and morphostratigraphy of glacigenic areas.
  • Drilling core analysis, seismic sections and information about geophysical profiles of wells.
  • Petrographic analysis of geological material.
  • Clay mineral identification and semiquantification.
  • Paleontological survey.
  • Paleontological sample analysis.
  • Analysis and interpretation of petrologic, geochemical and isotopic data of granitic rocks.
  • Advicing on geochronology of igneous rocks including different isotopic systems and U-Pb ages from detrital Zircons.
  • Recognition, description and interpretation of physico-chemical analysis of soils.
  • Identification and chemical and textural characterization of minerals by electron microprobe (EPMA).
  • Water quality determination.
  • Chronostratigraphic determinations on the basis of index fossils (geological dating and correlation, and paleoenvironmental characterization by litological and biofacies analysis).
  • Paleothermometric analysis through biogenic materials (diagnosis on potential areas of exploration for non-renewable natural resources).

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