Technical services

LABGEO – Geological sample preparation lab

  • Thin sections for material petrographic analysis (rocks, minerals, etc.).
  • Mirror-polished thin sections.
  • Polished slabs of different rocks and other materials.
  • Staining of materials and resin with different additives (S red alizarin, sodic fluorescein, etc.).
  • Chalcographic probes.
  • Material sample preparation for chemical analysis, particle size analyzes, and heavy mineral concentration (zircon, monazite, etc.).

LABGEO – Geochemistry lab 

  • Chemical analysis in rocks, minerals, and soils of majority elements and traces (precious metals) and elements of rare soil elements by ICP-MS.
  • Water content, organic matter and carbonate gravimetric analysis through typical methods (LOI, lost of ignition).
  • Chemical analysis of dissolved anions in water through HPLC.
  • Water Purification.
  • Particle distribution analysis.


  • Macro and micro preparation of fossil material.
  • Sample sieving.
  • Preparation of molds and casts.
  • Field work logistics (preparation and storage of campaign equipment)
  • Preventive storage and conservation of material from campaigns.
  • Experiments and experiences in relation with the paleontological activity.
  • Macrophotography.

Acid and dense liquid lab 

  • Separation of heavy minerals (e.g., apatite, zircon, etc.) on the basis of their specific weight, and recovery and preparation of fossils from different rocks.

 Micro and macrophotography lab

  • Preparation (whitening), mounting and photographing of all kinds of material, geological or paleontological samples.

Basin analysis lab – Clay mineral area

  • Separation and preparation of clay minerals for analysis by XRD, TEM and Ar-Ar geochronology.

Experimental paleobiology and geomicrobiology lab

  • Paleobiology and geomicrobiology studies . Cell culture, behavioral studies, soft tissue dissection, skeletization in vertebrates.

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