Petrography and mineral separation

LABGEO. Geological sample preparation lab

LabGeo focuses on the preparation of various types of samples for further analysis, addressing different needs such as petrological studies (thin section preparation), specific microanalysis and compositional maps (mirror-polished thin sections), preparations for chalcography, sample preparation of different materials (teeth, fossils, concrete, cutting, sand, etc.). Material samples for chemical analysis, particle size analyzes and heavy mineral concentration (zircon, monazite, etc.) are also prepared.

petro 3 (2) petro 2 Equipment

Thin section preparation line

Large-sized rock cutting saw; medium-sized rock cutting saw; Petrothin; Polisher.

Geochemistry line

Pulverisette 1 Crusher/Grinder ; Disc mill; Pulverisette 9; Agate mill.

Mineral and material separation line

Automatic sifter; Precision and half-load scales; Wilfley table; magnetic separator.

Other equipment at LabGeo

Drying ovens; ultrasonic cleaner; polarizing microscope; Petrobond; Petroview;
Vacuum pump.

Preparation types

  • Thin sections for material petrographic analysis (rocks, minerals, etc.).
  • Mirror-polished thin sections.
  • Different material polished plates
  • Staining of materials and resin with different additives (S red alizarin, sodic fluorescein, etc.).
  • Chalcographic probes

Researchers in charge: Dr. Juan A. Murra and Dr. Francisco Locati

Lab technicians: Geól. Graciela Toledo and Sr. Maximiliano Medina


Lab E-mail:

Resarchers in charge

Tel: +54 – 351 – 4344980 (extension 103) / +54 – 351 – 5353800 (extension 30234)