Paleontological collection

DSCN6918The Paleontological Collection «Centro de Investigaciones Paleobiologicas» (CEGH- UNC) is located at the CICTERRA´s repository. It is made up of mainly invertebrate fossils from the Paleozoic Era. It also includes plants and fossil traces from the Paleozoic, as well as marine and fresh-water mollusks from the Cenozoic and today. At present, the collection has more than 250,000 pieces, 27,000 of which are published and numbered. 96% of the collection is made up of Paleozoic fossils, found mainly in the northeast areas of Argentina – from Jujuy to southern Mendoza. This material is represented mostly by graptolites, brachiopods and trilobites, and in a lower percentage by mollusks (bivalves, gastropods, nautiloideos and rostroconchos), ostracods, echinoderms, porifera, bryozoans and corals. Due to the quantity and diversity of specimens it contains, as well as its temporal and geographic coverage, it is one of the most important collections of its kind in South America.


This collection is under the supervision of two curators and a CPA technician. For consulting material, please contact:

Curators: Dra. María José SalasDra. Andrea F. Sterren

Technician: Santiago Druetta


Curators´ e-mails:


Tel: +54 – 351 – 5353800 (extension 30227 and 30249)